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January 29, 2008

I’ve just received word from one of the publicists that I contacted late last week.  I have my next author interview lined up!!  This one will be conducted via email instead of via audio (I think the topic lends well to that platform – and less to edit!!).  I also have one outside blogger confirmed to write 1-2 posts a month for us!

Things are really starting to move along.  This is so freakin’ cool!!!

So Much to Do

January 29, 2008

Ahhh, where to begin.  Well, I guess for starters I can say that I saw Sissy Spacek last night.  Actually, we were heading out to see her daughter at the Hotel Cafe, so it wasn’t a surprise.  Our friend would have introduced us, but we figured as cool as it might be, that it just wasn’t really worth it since she was busy.  So that’s my latest celeb sighting.  We have another show to catch tonight (Grace Potter) out at the Troubadour.  This one the hubster will be shooting.  In which case, I’ll be hanging back in some out of the way corner by the bar like I usually do.

And speaking of the hubs,  he’s working from home these next two days.  While I love having him around, and we really do co-exist pretty well without driving each other crazy, I um, well, never seem to get much done.  Today was the day I’d planned to vacuum up all the crap that got tracked in from that non-stop rain (what a mess!) Now, I can’t do that.  I also still need to rip apart the office since I’m kind of baracaded in at my desk – surrounded by cases of wine, of all things.  And of course, I need to pick up dinner fixin’s – I’m thinking of making a chicken tortilla-ish soup in the ol’ crock.

Plus I still have a slew of stuff to work on for my LWL homework and whatnot.  Oh yeah, I still need to write up this week’s class and write about the Garth show.  Yeah, I’ll get to that.  Meanwhile, I seem to be chilled and achey again.  I wonder what that’s all about.  Maybe it just means that I need more tea!  Off to make another cuppa…