Three Hours and Counting…

And the hubster will be home!!!

You really do forget how much you think about something until it’s gone.  I’ve done a great job of booking both my days and my evenings so I’d be busy while he’s gone.  Of course, sometimes this meant that we weren’t able to talk much, but there’s always the simplicity of an I love you text.

But dammit, he’s been gone long enough!  He should be arriving in Phoenix any minute now hopefully, since the connection is also delayed a bit he’ll have just enough time to call me and maybe enjoy a beer or two.  But Mr. PilotMan, bring me my husband please!  No hanging about delaying things.  No dilly-dallying.  Just point things LA-bound and fly away home.  Please.


2 Responses to “Three Hours and Counting…”

  1. Ivanhoe Says:

    Just wanted to say Hello and let you know that you have been tagged at my place for a Make a Wish meme.

  2. surfergrrl Says:

    Hope you and the hubster have a great time.

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