Today is Take the Day for Yourself Day

Well, that’s what I’m declaring anyway. I spent most of the weekend and yesterday creating my SEO presentation for last night. And yes, thank you, it was a resounding success!! Sometimes I surprise myself to be honest. I also got paid for my post-Grammy work over at Herbie’s office. So now I have buckets of money that’s ALL MINE baby!!!

So for today (Take the Day for Yourself Day) I will:

  1. Read. A lot. I’m really enjoying the book Unhooked and am considering interviewing the author for my site (plus we have copies of her book to give away).
  2. Getting a deluxe spa pedicure! It’s exactly what I need in this post-winter, pulling out the flip-flops weather. Ahhhh…
  3. Dinner with a slew of wonderful ladies (all Valley LWLers). I’d think that there will be good fun and great conversation to be had by all.
  4. Write up a ranting blog post about DCFS and my dad.
  5. Pick out and schedule my spa package – how I’m choosing to spend my *chaching* paycheck. Plus, I never got a Christmas present this year (looong story about how I screwed up our biz and personal checking accounts…messssssy) so I said I’d just schedule a nice massage. Yeah, three months later!
  6. Read some blogs and hopefully, maybe, I’ll actually go back and comment/email to the many visitors that have taken the time to leave comments.

How will you be spending your day?  I did mention that it’s Take the  Day for Yourself Day, right?  😉


3 Responses to “Today is Take the Day for Yourself Day”

  1. sizzlesays Says:

    But I have to work today. Phooey!

    Tonight I will cook a nutritious, delicious meal and watch LOST. That will be my mini-way of taking care of myself.

    Massages and pedicures are definitely the way to go. Enjoy!

  2. isabel Says:

    I’m having one of these days myself TODAY.
    They ROCK.

  3. surfergrrl Says:

    sounds nice!!!

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