Beverly Hills 90210

Oh My God!!! Could this be true?  According to Eonline, there’s talk of a new BH90210 for  next year.  Of course, they’re considering bringing it back due to success of Gossip Girl (oh, how I do enjoy that show!).  Darren Star won’t be involved, you know, since he’s decided to hang out and support Candace Bushnell and all her glory.  But it could still work.  Wouldn’t it be cool if some of the characters came back as parents or teachers?

Here’s what Eonline had to say about it…

Thus far, details on the project are limited, and it remains unclear whether any of the characters from the original 90210 will make the jump to the new series.

According to unnamed sources cited by the Reporter, the project is close to securing a writer, and the network is expected to decide by the end of the month whether to order a pilot.


One Response to “Beverly Hills 90210”

  1. surfergrrl Says:

    i play volleyball right next to the blue “beach house” from the show. It still looks exactly the same!

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