Crazy in Love!

You know you’re still crazy in love, when expecting the hubby home from work early, you spot a green car (complete with bird droppings) parked right outside and your heart does a jump for joy!  You then run out the door ready to jump into his arms only to realize that it’s not his car afterall.


Too much Jane Austin for this girl…


2 Responses to “Crazy in Love!”

  1. sizzlesays Says:

    That’s really cute. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. :0

  2. Ambrosiality Says:

    aww thats so cute, droppings and all

    ha ha @ sizzlesays’s comment!

    Jane Austen Rocks! I think she and other romance novelists help us build unrealistic expectations of love from when were kids. hmm or maybe jst in my case =)

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