Do You Ever Feel a Little Overwhelmed

These past couple of weeks happens to be one of those times when I just feel a tad overwhelmed – but right now, it’s in a bit of a good way.  The week leading up to GA left me working @ Herbie’s every day with a lot of running around after work and no time for cleaning.  The week in GA, again, a lot of running around, phone calls and paperwork.  This week, well, I’ve been too sick to do much of anything.  I’m finally feeling better – sinuses are great, cough is still annoying and painful so I called the doc to ask for a ‘script.

Here it is Thursday and well, all I’ve been able to do so far is a lot of email/biz contacting and um, the laundry yesterday.  I have book club this Sunday (bright and early for this gal!) and I have to figure out a way to make the house at least presentable.  The hubs worked fro home all last week so things are a mess and there’s clutter just everywhere you turn.  Heck, I still have Christmas stuff to put away (don’t ask), but at least I finally picked up the storage box at Target yesterday.  So much for hanging my new curtains in the kitchen.  I have a feeling I’ll be spending Saturday shoving everything in the office (with the hubs) for book club.

I also still have an interview to edit, our bookkeeping to finish (that should take less than 30 minutes to do if I’d only sit down and well, DO IT!), some blog stuff to edit, another interview to set up, blah, blah, blah.  I also need to look into leading some non-LWL paying workshops.

Oh yeah, and I have to outline my presentation for Monday and create worksheets still.  And then do it all over again, this time on SEO for my workshop on the 12th.  And in between, I have to come up with a services and price sheet so I can have it ready when someone asks after the workshop.

Then we can toss in dinner with the hubster’s family on Saturday.  Oh yeah, and I still have shop for bookclub food.  Mind you, since our freezer died, we only have the food I bought for the hub before I left.  Yeah, no time for shopping yet.  Luckily, I’m doing a berry mixture, yogurt and granola – guess I’ll just pick that up at the farmer’s market instead of making it (and a mess) myself.

Wish me luck, I’m off to pick up some cough medicine and figure out what, specifically I should be focusing on today.


One Response to “Do You Ever Feel a Little Overwhelmed”

  1. surfergrrl Says:

    getting way off balance is no fun. take baby steps to get back to where you need to. it will get there.

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