Self-Love Day 2008 – Get Outta the Gutter!

It’s not that kind of self-love! Snackiepoo over at Snackie’s World has something entirely different in mind: “No more “how much do I love thees”… rather ask yourself the question, “how much do I love ME?” Even if you have someone on this special day, take the time to think about yourself, list your good qualities, have some positive perspective on who you are and treat yourself better than you ever have.”



1.) Post one of them there banners on your blog and declare February 14th as the day you not only love your one and only, but the day that you love yourself!
2.) Post at least, one nice thing about yourself……then ask others to post one thing that they really like about you.

3.) Enjoy yourself and have an awesome day!



Here are three things that I like about myself…1) I’ve been told that I have enviable eyebrows (even if I seem to be a bit of a compulsive plucker), 2) I love to smile, especially at kids and pets, but I’m pretty friendly to strangers as well and 3) I will do almost anything for a friend – and if you’re a really good friend, I’m sure that almost line is quite blurry 😉

Well, since all but one of you only know me through this blog only, I can’t expect any deep thoughts here, but hey…anything you might like share about what you might like about me? What about yourself?  Share those likes!


3 Responses to “Self-Love Day 2008 – Get Outta the Gutter!”

  1. Hilly Says:

    Enviable eyebrows are a very good thing! Happy Pink Day 🙂

  2. surfergrrl Says:

    I did this but using email. so, i’d say that i like your writing! 🙂

  3. sizzlesays Says:

    yay for self love!

    i need a close up on them eyebrows. 😉

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