Blog Redesign Contest

Before you knew me here, at My LA Blog, I’d been blogging for just shy of a year elsewhere – stupid crazy stalkers! – and then about another 4 years over on LJ. Under that other (sorely missed) blog I participated in and completed NaBloPoMo. For those that completed all 30 days of posting, you could be entered in a variety of prizes. Some folks, it turned out never claimed their prizes (can you imagine??)

So, the good folks over at 650 Miles – Where Are the Naked Pictures (I hope I got that right) are offering up their blog redesign skillz once again. So head on over, check out the rules and have fun. I’d wish you luck, but I’m telling you now, I’m going to win!!

PS – you can nominate other blogs thus earning yourself another entry. So please, I won’t be offended if you feel the need to nominate me (I said I wanted this, right?) and if you wish to be nominated, drop me a comment and nominate-cha I will 😉

PPS – stupid free WP template and I can’t get buttons/badges to work *sigh* so sad. Nevermind, it just needed to edit the HTML – too many quotations in the coding


One Response to “Blog Redesign Contest”

  1. fringes Says:

    What a nice promo post! Perhaps the contest owners will start you off with 2 chances just for your kind words!

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