Valentine’s Menu Ideas?

I’m thinking it’s about time to start planning that special, romantic Valentine’s menu.  Any suggestions out there from blog-land??


5 Responses to “Valentine’s Menu Ideas?”

  1. surfergrrl Says:

    I always think seafood and pasta is sexy. red wine is a must, and for us girls there is usually chocolate involved. Good luck!

  2. Susan Says:

    Hi, Susan here, you commmented on my blog a while back, how did your incubator go? Rachael Ray has that recipe for Vodka Past that she claims is an engagement pasta….must be good, maybe I will try it.

  3. LA Blogger Gal Says:

    surfergrrl – I wish I liked pasta that much. For some reason, I tend to only like to eat it out. Which of course is crazy considering how inexpensive it is. And yes, we have the bottle of red, along with a chilled bottle of Prosecco waiting in the fridge. Sadly, the man doesn’t like chocolate (freak!) so I tend to dig up something lemony for him.

    Susan – I shot you an emailed response, but again, thanks for stopping by. I have heard good things about RR’s vodka pasta recipe, so I just might have to give that a whirl some time. And our incubator rocked!! I’m so psyched and just oozing ideas and activity!

  4. Geg Says:

    Hmmm…assorted tapas for sharing and eating with your fingers, seductively, of course. Heck use my post on tapas for your menu!

  5. LA Blogger Gal Says:

    Hey Geggie!! Glad you made it over. I’ve been keeping a bit of a low profile lately and had to create a new blog. Tapas could definitely be fun, I will look into that.

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