I Need to Retrain Myself

After working on my site 24/7 for the past three years or so, I’m finding that I don’t need to be online so much.  My emails are almost non-existent now.   I never even knew that I got so much site-related email throughout the day.  Now, I’m lucky if I get maybe 10 real messages outside of my newsletters and whatnot.  But yeah, who knew.

I also have a similar thing going on with my friends and their livejournals.  Once I dropped my so-called friends and really went bare bones, I can now pretty much just check once a week.  Not all that much is going on. Mind you, I’ve really gotten into reading blogs – both personal and biz-related – so that’s pretty much just replaced my LJ activities.

While it’s all kind of relaxing, it also seems to leave me with spending vast amounts of time just staring at my computer.  This, of course, it’s not a good or productive way to spend a day as I’m sure you can imagine.  So now, I need to retrain myself to not spend hours online just staring at the computer, checking my email over and over and over.  I need a plan.

Any suggestions?

PS – remind me to tell you about what has to have been one of the absolutely best concerts I’ve ever experienced


4 Responses to “I Need to Retrain Myself”

  1. tearsinmycoffee Says:

    my suggestion….get a blackberry so the emails come to you. I know, this sounds backwards from what you want to do, right? Not really.

    Think about it…you stay online in anticipation of email and finding things to do online. If you’re like me, as soon as you walk into the house, the computer is ready to go. By having the blackberry, I can be out and about and know that I’m still connected, receiving emails and whatever, but am still able to enjoy life with my friends.

    Other suggestions, that may be more practical…shut the computer down so it has to reboot each time you want to get on. This will take time and make you think before you do it. Also, move the computer out of reach. Have a laptop…hide it and don’t bring it into the room you’re in.

    Schedule time to do this and stick with it. Like anything else, after a few days (some say 21 days) it will become habit.

    Good luck!

  2. surfergrrl Says:

    i wish i had a plan for you, but i do the same thing. OK, question…i’ve heard of ladies who launch…but i have no idea where i’ve heard about it. what is your role?

  3. LA Blogger Gal Says:

    TIMC – I’ve considered upgrading to a blackberry. Though to be honest, my hubs’ BB drives me CRAZY! I have noticed though, that you’re right, once I set up my email to go to my cell, things ran much smoother. Thankfully though, right now, I have nothing to do with running that part of my site. I’ll just be in charge of our blog and well, that’s much easier and less stressful.

    You’re totally right about those damn computers though. They’re always good to go. I’ve gotten so much better (recently) if I do say so myself. I now actually DO things in the morning before checking online. But you’re right, that laptop calls to me far too often.

    Thanks for all the great suggestions!

  4. LA Blogger Gal Says:

    surgergrrl – I’m sure I’ll get better at planning my day once I get a clearer understanding of what my role is again. I think it’s a whole identity thing.

    Okay, LWL is a women’s networking and support group (of sorts) for entrepreneurs. It’s nation-wide, but we also have the local, LA/Orange branch out here. It starts with the incubator program where for 2 hours, once a week for 4 weeks you get together with other women to help birth/incubate your project – could be a biz, could be creativity, could be a relationship (though I believe it’s usually biz-related).

    From there you join the national organization where you can continue to brainstorm ideas, build new businesses, make contacts, support each other in our endeavors, attending meetings, listen to motivating guest speakers and do trainings. So far it’s been an amazing experience. It helps you to get focused on what you want in your life and what you no longer need.

    If that didn’t explain it well enough (and I doubt it did), feel free to check out their website, their blog or even their facebook (all are easily google-able). Or just drop me a line. We could always meet up for coffee or something one weekend (as I recall, you’re in the LA area). Oh yeah, they have a book out that explains the process as well.

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